15 Ideas to Celebrate Diwali 2023 in USA


Hey there! We get it – missing Diwali celebrations back in India can make you a little homesick. The scent of delicious sweets, the colorful decorations, and the warmth of family gatherings are hard to replace when you’re far away.

Celebrating Diwali 2023 in the USA can be a wonderful way to connect with your cultural roots and share the joy of the festival with friends and family. Here are some simple and inclusive ways to celebrate Diwali 2023 in the USA:

But don’t worry, in this article, we’re going to share some great ideas to make your Diwali celebrations right here in the USA feel just as special. We’ll help you keep the Diwali spirit alive, even when you’re far from home. So, all you Indians settled in the USA, let’s make this Diwali 2023 unforgettable, no matter where you are!

Here are 15 Ideas to Celebrate Diwali 2023 in the US

Diwali 2023 LED lights
LED Path lights
Marigold Garland for Diwali 2023
Marigold Garland
  1. Decorate Your Home:
    • Brighten up your home with colorful diyas, those little clay lamps, and drape strings of pretty lights around. It’ll make your place feel all warm and festive.
    • Draw beautiful Rangoli designs with colored powders or flower petals right outside your door. It’s like rolling out a colorful welcome mat for guests.
  2. Dress in Traditional Attire:
  3. Exchange Gifts:
    • Share presents with your loved ones. Think of things that make them happy, like yummy Indian sweets or candles that smell nice. More on this has been covered below this section.
  4. Light Diyas and Candles:
    • Light up small lamps or candles. It’s a way of spreading warmth and happiness. If you’re worried about safety, you can use electric candles instead.
  5. Prayer and Pooja:
    • Set up a small prayer area. You can use incense, flowers, and sweets for offering. It’s like having a chat with the divine and asking for good things.
  6. Enjoy Traditional Food:
    • Cook or buy delicious Indian snacks and sweets. Think about samosas, pakoras (like crispy veggies), and sweets like ladoos, jalebi, and barfi. It’s like a taste explosion in your mouth!
  7. Virtual Celebrations:
    • If you can’t be with family, have a video call celebration. It’s like being in two places at once. Share your joy through the screen!
  8. Visit Local Temples:
    • Some cities have beautiful temples that organize Diwali events. It’s a chance to join in the celebration and see the stunning decorations.
  9. Fireworks:
    • In some places, they light up the sky with fireworks. It’s like a magical light show in the night. Just make sure it’s safe and allowed in your area.
  10. Community Celebrations:
    • Look for local Indian community events. There, you can watch exciting dances, enjoy delicious food, and join fun activities. It’s like a mini-festival in your own town.
  11. Eco-Friendly Diwali:
    • Try to celebrate in an Earth-friendly way. Use lamps and decorations that are kind to the environment. It’s like celebrating and taking care of our planet at the same time.
  12. Give Back:
    • Think about helping others during Diwali. You can donate food to a local charity or join a community project. It’s like sharing your happiness with those who need it.
  13. Diwali Crafts and Activities:
    • Get creative! Make cool Diwali decorations or Diwali 2023 cards with your kids. It’s like having an art party at home.
  14. Light a Sky Lantern:
    • Release a sky lantern, which is like a little floating light in the night sky. It’s like sending your wishes up to the stars.
  15. Share the Celebration:
    • Don’t forget to involve your friends or neighbors who might not know about Diwali. It’s like inviting them to your own special party and making new friends.

Best Diwali gifts to arrange if in the US in Diwali 2023

Exchanging Diwali gifts in the USA is a wonderful way to spread joy and celebrate the festival of lights. When selecting gifts, consider items that reflect the spirit of Diwali and cater to the preferences of the recipient. Here are some Diwali gift ideas suitable for exchange in the USA:

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  1. Traditional Indian Sweets: Share the sweetness of the season with boxes of traditional Indian sweets like ladoos, jalebi, barfi, and gulab jamun. Many local Indian stores and bakeries offer these treats.
  2. Assorted Dry Fruits: A beautifully packaged assortment of nuts and dry fruits like almonds, cashews, and pistachios is a healthy and appreciated Diwali gift.
  3. Diwali Decor: Gift decorative items like colorful diyas, ornate candle holders, and Rangoli stencils for home embellishment.
  4. Candles and Fragrance: Scented candles, essential oils, or decorative candles with intricate designs are popular Diwali gifts, adding warmth and fragrance to the home.
  5. Diwali Gift Hampers: Consider creating or purchasing Diwali 2023 gift hampers that include a variety of items such as sweets, snacks, candles, and decorative pieces.
  6. Personalized Gifts: Customized gifts like photo frames, engraved ornaments, or personalized calendars with family pictures are heartwarming choices.
  7. Jewelry: Fine jewelry or fashion jewelry with Indian designs, such as elegant earrings or a pendant, can be a cherished gift.
  8. Clothing and Accessories: Traditional or trendy clothing like scarves, shawls, or handbags can make fashionable and practical gifts.
  9. Gourmet Food Baskets: Gift baskets filled with gourmet snacks, chocolates, and specialty items from around the world can be a delightful surprise.
  10. Kitchenware: High-quality kitchen gadgets or utensils can be practical and appreciated, particularly for those who love to cook.
  11. Books and Literature: Share the gift of knowledge with books, cookbooks, or literature related to Indian culture, spirituality, or cuisine.
  12. Home Appliances: Consider small kitchen appliances or electronic gadgets that can make daily life more convenient.
  13. Art and Handicrafts: Traditional Indian art pieces, such as hand-painted items, sculptures, or intricate textiles, can be great for art lovers.
  14. Gift Cards: If you’re unsure about the recipient’s preferences, gift cards to their favorite restaurants, stores, or online retailers allow them to choose what they like.
  15. Charitable Donations: In the spirit of giving, make a donation to a charitable organization in the name of the recipient. Include a heartfelt card explaining the gesture.

Remember to wrap your Diwali gifts beautifully with colorful wrapping paper and a festive ribbon to add an extra touch of thoughtfulness. Tailor your gift selection to the recipient’s taste and enjoy the joy of sharing in the celebration of Diwali.

Dresses to Wear on Diwali?

When it comes to picking the right traditional outfit for Diwali, there are a few classics to choose from:

  1. Saree: For women, a beautiful saree is always a good idea. You can find them in so many colors and styles.
  2. Lehenga: Want to go all out? A lehenga is a fabulous choice. It’s that flared skirt with a matching blouse – really fancy!
  3. Salwar Kameez: If you’re looking for something comfortable and versatile, a salwar kameez is a great option. It comes with a loose-fitting top, pants, and a scarf.
  4. Sherwani: For the guys, a sherwani is like the tuxedo of Indian outfits. It’s formal and makes you look really dashing.
  5. Kurta Pajama: But if you want something more relaxed, a kurta pajama is perfect. It’s a long shirt with comfy pants.
  6. Kids’ Ethnic Wear: Don’t forget to dress up the little ones too. Little lehengas for girls and cute kurta pajamas for boys – they’ll steal the show!

To complete your look, don’t forget to add some traditional jewelry and the right shoes. Just pick the outfit that suits your style and the formality of your Diwali 2023 celebration. Happy dressing!


In conclusion, Diwali is a beautiful festival that transcends borders, connecting people through its message of light, love, and new beginnings. Whether you’re celebrating in India, the USA, or anywhere else in the world, the spirit of Diwali reminds us of the importance of family, the triumph of good over evil, and the renewal of hope. So, let the glow of the diyas continue to brighten our lives, and let the warmth of togetherness shine even brighter as we move forward with the light of Diwali 2023 in our hearts this year.

The most important thing is to enjoy Diwali with the people you care about and to spread happiness and light in your own unique way. Happy Diwali!

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