PURPLE Jeans: The Complete Guide before you Purchase one

What are PURPLE Brand Jeans?

Purple Brand, is an exciting denim and luxury basics brand hailing from Vancouver that’s poised to become a standout in your wardrobe this season. Purple Brand’s collection has fashion-forward essentials that seamlessly blend luxury with streetwear vibes.

Denim has always been a classic wardrobe essential, but it’s high time for a fresh perspective. Established in 2017 by two seasoned fashion professionals in Vancouver, Purple Brand brings forth the same innovative spirit typically reserved for high-end designer denim, all at a more accessible price point.

When it comes to purchasing a pair of jeans, there are numerous options available in the market. However, some brands tend to stand out more than others due to their unique qualities and high-end prices. Purple Brand is one such brand, known for its exceptional quality and elevated price point. In this blog post, we’ll be addressing the reasons behind the expensive cost of Purple Jeans.

Purple Jeans are expensive due to their use of premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and limited production. They focus on design innovation, and ethical production in the USA, and maintain a luxury reputation. Additionally, they collaborate with celebrities for exclusive collections and invest heavily in marketing campaigns.

What makes it so unique & stand out from other brands?

Purple Jeans offer a welcome departure from ordinary blue jeans. As one fashion enthusiast puts it, “It’s a chance to explore more youthful, distressed washes.” The brand’s experimental flair shines through, particularly in its unique holographic treatment that sparkles when it catches the light. “It’s what captured my attention,” she adds, “Pictures simply don’t do it justice—you have to see it in person.”

This collection exudes a casual yet undeniably cool vibe, making it the perfect choice for a casual drink outing. Pair it with a graphic tee for a laid-back look, or layer it with a t-shirt under an overshirt, rounding off the ensemble with your favorite sneakers. It’s all about effortless style with a touch of uniqueness.

Purple Brand is like a mix of cool, new ideas and the classic art of making denim jeans. They’re all about changing how we think about denim and making it awesome for today.

At the core of Purple Brand, they’re all about doing exciting things with how denim looks. They’re really good at making jeans, with cool designs, special washing techniques, and small touches that make their jeans different from the rest.

And the best part? They have all kinds of different cuts and styles, so you can find the jeans that fit your style perfectly. Whether you want jeans that look super comfy and worn-in or ones that are edgy and different, they’ve got something for everyone.

Purple Jeans

Oh, and they have a symbol, like a logo, that they put on all their jeans. It’s like a badge of being daring and creative. When you put on Purple jeans, you’re not just wearing clothes – you’re telling the world that you’re ready to be yourself, show off your style, and be unique.

So, if you want jeans that break the rules and capture today’s style, Purple Jeans is here to help you look modern and cool, all while keeping that timeless denim feel. 🚀

Who Created PURPLE Jeans?

In 2017, Luke Cosby, co-founder, and owner of Purple Brand, envisioned a distinct niche within the jeans market. He noticed something missing in the world of jeans. He wanted to create jeans that were modern, affordable, and anything but basic. Teaming up with Rob Lo, they set out to prove that style and innovation didn’t have to be confined to designer labels.

Their mission was simple: blend the luxury look with everyday wear, and that’s how Purple Brand came to life. They wanted to fuse the aesthetics of luxury fashion with everyday accessibility through Purple Brand & to realize their vision they assembled a passionate team that scoured the globe to find the right partners, creating a top-notch supply chain for their top-tier products.

Before venturing into the world of Purple Brand, Luke Cosby had carved a niche in brand-building across North American and Asian markets. His expertise extended to product development, sales strategy, and public relations. Today, he continues to lead his branding agency, SHDWBX, working closely with emerging designers and independent shops such as Hamilton Shirt Company, Red Wing, Mr. Gray, Shwood, and United Stock Dry Goods.

Why PURPLE Jeans are so Expensive?

Ever wondered why Purple Brand Jeans are a bit pricier than your average pair of denim? Well, there are some good reasons behind it. Let’s break it down:

1. Top-Notch Materials: Purple Jeans is all about quality. They use premium denim sourced from top mills around the world, ensuring their jeans are super durable, comfy, and look great. Plus, they don’t skimp on hardware and embellishments, making each pair both stylish and functional. All this high-quality stuff costs a bit more, but it’s worth it.

2. Limited Editions: Purple Jeans Brand likes to keep things exclusive. They don’t make a gazillion pairs of each design, which adds a touch of prestige to their jeans. Due to smaller economies of scale, it adds to production costs as compared to mass-produced products. Also, this limited availability also creates a sense of urgency, so you feel like you’re getting something special and even willing to spend some extra bucks.

3. Cutting-Edge Designs: These folks are always pushing the envelope with new denim ideas. They invest in research and development to create innovative fabrics and cool color effects. It might cost more, but it keeps them ahead of the denim game.

4. Luxury Vibe: Purple Brand has built a reputation for luxury and exclusivity. They’re all about elegance and high quality, and their jeans reflect that. When you wear Purple Brand, you’re not just wearing jeans – you’re making a style statement.

5. Made in the USA: Their commitment to making jeans in the USA means they follow strict quality and ethical standards. It’s great for local workers and the environment, but it does come with a bit of a price tag due to increased wage costs compared to those of outsourced workforce from south east Asian countries.

6. Expert Craftsmanship: Each pair of jeans is made by skilled artisans who know their denim and understand the intricacies involved in producing exceptional garments. They pay extra attention to detail, from the stitching to the buttons.

This level of craftsmanship is evident in the flawless fit, impeccable finishes, and creative design elements that characterize Purple Brand Jeans. This kind of craftsmanship takes time than mass produced denims but it results in top-quality jeans.

7. Awesome Customer Service: When you shop at Purple Brand, you’re in for a treat. They offer top-notch customer service and aftercare. You get personalized fittings, complimentary alterations, and access to exclusive events.

8. Star-Studded Collaborations: Purple Brand often teams up with big-name designers and celebs to create limited-edition collections. These collaborations generate buzz and make their jeans even more covetable.

9. Splashy Marketing: You’ve probably seen their high-profile ad campaigns and exclusive events. All that marketing doesn’t come cheap, but it helps them maintain their status as a fashion icon.

10. Research and Innovation: Purple Brand is always on the hunt for new denim technologies and design techniques. They work with industry experts to bring you the best in denim, today and tomorrow.

This relentless pursuit of perfection requires a considerable amount of financial resources, as well as collaboration with industry experts and top fashion designers. These efforts often result in discoveries that translate into superior quality and unique aesthetics for Purple’s customers.

So, while Purple Jeans might be a bit more expensive, you’re not just buying jeans. You’re investing in quality, style, and a touch of exclusivity. And sometimes, that’s worth every penny.

What makes it so popular and sought-after denim?

Purple Jeans collection is a testament to this vision, featuring designer-inspired fits, premium hardware, and unique details. They proudly refer to their jeans as “the cornerstone of the modern man’s wardrobe.”

Purple Brand’s denim collection is where all the magic happens. With designer-inspired fits, top-quality hardware, and those unique finishing touches, they’ve become the go-to jeans for the modern man.

And recently, Purple Brand’s earned quite the following for their denim-meets-streetwear vibe. Think distressed looks, cool bleached washes, and eye-catching funky patchwork – have captured the attention of hip-hop stars like Jermaine Dupri, Kid Cudi, and others are loving it.


In the world of fashion, Purple Jeans stand out as a symbol of quality, innovation, and exclusivity. Their commitment to using the finest materials, expert craftsmanship, and limited production creates a product that not only looks good but lasts. The brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of denim design and its reputation for luxury fashion ensures that Purple Brand Jeans are more than just pants – they’re a statement.

From their “Made in the USA” approach, which supports local workers and ensures top-notch quality, to their craftsmanship that pays attention to every detail, Purple Brand leaves no stone unturned in creating the perfect pair of jeans.

Moreover, their collaborations with big names in the industry, creative marketing, and ongoing research and innovation make Purple Brand a leader in the world of denim. While their jeans may come with a premium price tag, they also come with a promise of quality, style, and the pride of owning something truly unique.

So, next time you consider Purple Brand Jeans, remember you’re investing in more than just denim – you’re investing in a piece of fashion excellence.


1. Do PURPLE jeans Ship to Other Countries?

No, Purple Brand USA only sends their stuff within the United States. If you’re outside the U.S., you can check out intl.purple-brand.com for international shipping options. To find a store near you or other international options, head over to the Store Locator page on their website.

2. Do the Jeans Have Both Tags?

Yep, when you buy jeans from Purple-Brand.com, they’ll have both the front tag and the back tag.

3. Why Do My Jeans Arrive All Tied Up?

Don’t worry, this is totally on purpose. Each pair of jeans is finished by hand, so they’re all a bit different. They wrap them up and tie them to keep cool details like the 3D wrinkle effect and custom paint just the way they should be when they get to you.

4. How Should I Wash Purple Brand Jeans?

Purple Brand suggests dry cleaning for the best results. But if you’re using a washing machine, do it inside out, and always wash them by themselves in cold water. After that, let them hang dry – no tumble drying. To keep the 3D wrinkle effect looking sharp, it’s best not to steam or iron them. Oh, and before you wash them, take off the hang tag and the back pocket tag. Your jeans will thank you!

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