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Oakley Eyewear

Found in1975, Oakley has been ruling the world of sunglasses, sport equipment and clothing. The brand is known for its class and amazing standard. Majority of their products are designed in the head office itself. The patents that are held by the brand are more than 600. It was found by Jim Jannard and it was started in a garage with the amount of $300. Today, the brand stands in the list of some of the top luxury brands for the sunglasses, clothing and other accessories.

In 1980, the first pair of goggles was introduced by Jim known as O-frame. With this, there was no turning back. After that, many sunglasses were introduced by the brand. Although the company gained a lot of prominence and respect with the help of the sports materials that they produced and sold. The Pilot series that were released by Oakley consisted of the most stylish eyeshades and it was launched in 1984. In 1995, the company became one of the best brands in the international market with a revenue of $230million. Luxotica is the parent company of Oakley. Oakley had broken all the ties with Luxotica due to certain pricing disputes. They delivered the sunglasses designed in a very sporty manner and hence their eyeshades were the best in the market. In 2004, they signed four year agreement with Fox Racing and a new journey for the Oakley brand started. In their life journey they had tied up with various top eyewear brands which gradually helped in increasing the personal stake. During one massive mine incident, Oakley had donated revenue earned from their most expensive 25 eyeshades which of course contributed in increasing their goodwill in the market. Oakley is well known for the best men sunglasses that they have been producing. The best part about Oakley is that most of their products are designed by keeping various extreme conditions in mind.

Oakley eyewear is also included in U.S Army Authorized eyewear. The eyewear produced by the brand are super sporty and emits the luxurious effect when you grace yourself with the eye shades.


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