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Facial Mapping for Acnes.

Acnes are the worst enemies of the human. They pop up on the skin whenever possible and ruins the look and the glow of the skin. The main reason why the acnes appear on the skin is due to the impure skin. When the skin isn’t healthy and when it is not breathing properly from within, that’s when you can see acnes appearing on the skin. It is always necessary that you should always let your skin breathe. The food that you eat and the beauty products that apply on your face are also the biggest factors that can cause acne.

Facial mapping for acnes have become a very crucial part of the beauty and health industry. With the help of mapping the face for acnes, we can get to know that the actual reason behind the cause of acnes on a particular area on the face. Accumulation of oil in the pores has been the biggest reason for the cause of pimples and acnes on the face. It’s mandatory to wash your face thrice a day with clean cool water so as to remove all the dirt particles that have deposited on the skin. When you wear makeup, always ensure that the brand that you wear is reliable and is pure and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. When your face is acne free, there is a unique glow on your face. In order to know the reason behind acnes on various spot areas, Chinese face mapping has been one great invention. It is associated with face reading. The forehead is linked with the digestive system, hence the poor diet and bad eating habits causes acnes on the forehead. The nose is linked with the heart, it is divided into two parts, the left side of the nose represents the left side of the heart and the right side represents the right side of the heart. The blockages in the heart causes the redness on the nose tip and also the blackheads the reason for the heart diseases. The cheeks are linked with the stomach and respiratory system. The stomach inflation causes the pimples and acnes to appear on the cheeks. The cheek area is the most prone area for the acne formation and it’s the only area where maximum pimples tend to appear. The chin is related to the reproductive system. Any hormonal imbalances or menstrual problems lead to pimples and acnes to appear on the cheeks and jawline.

Acne mapping is very helpful in many ways. By knowing the actual reason behind the formation of those acnes can help you to exercise control on your diet and practise a healthy lifestyle always. Acnes are not a permanent part of your body, they can be removed and they can be healed.


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