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Fashion Designers with a Strong Social Media Presence in India

Social media has successfully proved its power over several business domains. That is the reason, why several business and professionals are gradually waking up to the promises offered by the various social media platforms. Even the fashion designers of India have realized how the different social media networks, especially Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube can boost their brand image. The top Indian fashion designers who are pretty prominent on the leading Social Media websites are:

Manish Malhotra


He is one of the leading names in the world of Bollywood fashion industry, having designed costumes for more than 1000 films. He has 998,386 likes on his Facebook page, where he periodically updates pictures of different Bollywood celebrities in his latest creations. However, if you’re following him on twitter, you will more frequent updates by him about his latest designs. Also, he is more interactive with his fellow followers. If you’re a big fan of Manish Malhotra creations, check out his starry, latest collection on pinterest
In case, you have missed a Manish Malhotra fashion show, you can always check out his YouTube channel for a re-run.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee


This renowned Bengali fashion designer has about 300,150 likes on his facebook page, where he regularly shares pictures and albums of his latest collections. Not only that, he also keeps his followers updated about his achievements and upcoming fashion shows.  Although he is pretty active on twitter, but looks like, facebook is his favored social media channel, with more frequent and regular updates. His latest creations can be viewed at pinterest

If you would like to listen to one of his interviews, tune into his YouTube channel and hear him speak.

Ritu Beri


This renowned lady is the first Indian to head a French Label.  Apart from owning one of the best fashion designing websites, she is pretty active on facebook ( with over 21,362 likes ) and Twitter ( with about 2,881 tweets and 8112 followers). To view her latest exquisite lehangas, check on pinterest

Wendell Rodricks


This veteran Goan designer is more active on twitter than on Facebook. He has over 3000 followers on twitters and close to 3000 tweets, since 2011. He interacts with his followers about various interesting news as well as about his newest creations. He has a live facebook page as well, with close to 2300 likes, wherein he periodically updates pictures, interests and creations. Recently, he designed the ‘It Signature’ series that was launched by Fiama Di Wills. The social media marketing campaign for this launch used the hashtag #My Signaturestyle, which generated about 6000 mentions across various social media channels. To take a look at his Bohemian creation, check out pinterest
To know Wendell closely, listen to him on his YouTube channel.

Anita Dongre


Anita Dongre is undoubtedly a popular social media friendly fashion designer, with over 17k followers on twitters and 172,106 likes on her facebook page. She continually keeps her fans updated with her newest designed outfits and accessories through the social media platforms.  Her brands, Global Desi and AND, also have their individual social media presence. Follow her closely, and you will know when the next sale is, so that you can go grab one of her creations for yourself. Check out her ethnic as well as contemporary outfits at pinterest


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